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May 25, 2008

I’ve been wanting to advance my education through a PhD program for a while now. As such, I’ve been reading a reasonable number of papers mostly in the field programming languages (strong bias toward SPJs work), but also in Ad-hoc networks (strong bias toward Baruch Awerbuch papers). I can’t say I’m too selective on what I like, but here are some of my likes anyway. Enjoy and feel free to post your papers or any discussion of the ideas presented in these papers.

Within The World of Languages

Simon Peyton-Jones, “Call-pattern Specialisation for Haskell Programs” *

Simon Marlow et al “Faster Laziness Using Dynamic Pointer Tagging

Simon Peyton-Jones et al, “Playing by the Rules: Rewriting as a practical optimisation technique in GHC” *

Tom Schrijvers et al “Type Checking with Open Type Functions” *

Duncan Coutts et al “Stream Fusion: From Lists to Streams to Nothing at All” *

Neil Mitchell and Colin RuncimanA Supercompiler for Core Haskell” * (Looks great, but I want to try it on my own programs to see if it will benefit me as much as I hope)

Peng Li et al “Lightweight Concurrency Primitives for GHC” * (A simpler to understand RTS would be great, but I fear for the performance)

Robert Ennals et al “Task Partitioning for Multi-Core Network Processors” *

Peng Li and Steve Zdancewic “Encoding Information Flow in Haskell” (perhaps not sound, but certainly useful)

Tim Harris and Simon Peyton Jones “Transactional Memory with Data Invariants” * (some functions aren’t available in the standard GHC/STM load, but the paper is fun anyway)

Dana Xu et al “Static Contract Checking for Haskell” * (I don’t know about you, but I almost can’t wait to see the work embodied in a GHC release!)

Every name you know “Roadmap for Enhanced Languages and Methods to Aid Verification

Ad hoc / Distributed Systems / Protocols

Baruch Awerbuch et al “Towards Scalable and Robust Overlay Networks” (See the entire line of papers, including “A Denial-of-Service Resistant DHT” and “Towards a Scalable and Robust DHT”)

Rudolf Ahlswede et al “Network Information Flow

Sachin Katti et al “Network Coding Made Practical” * (Now why isn’t this an option when I click network manager -> ad hoc network in Fedora 9?)

Joshua Guttman “Authentication Tests and the Structure of Bundles” *

Baruch Awerbuch et al “Provably Competitive Adaptive Routing” *

Baruch Awerbuch et al “Medium Time Metric” (This one is just begging for someone to write a paper “The opportunity cost metric”, don’t you think?)

* Easy read (even if it isn’t your field) / very enjoyable

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